What You Do

1.  Gently place the eggs in a large pot.  Fill the pot with water until the eggs are fully submerged.  Bring to a gentle boil over high heat and cook for about 10 minutes.

2.  Remove the eggs from the pot carefully and transfer to a bowl of cool water.  Cool eggs completely, changing the water in the bowl periodically.

3.  Once eggs are cool, gently remove the shells and discard.  Try not to split the white while peeling (older eggs work better for this).

4.  Arrange the eggs in a glass dish, preferably in a single layer.  Pour in the beet juice and add enough water to cover the eggs completely.  Cover and refrigerate for up to 24 hours, turning eggs periodically.  [Note: You
can skip this step if you don’t want your eggs dyed pink.  Also, if your beet juice is coming from canned beets, be sure you are using regular beets and not pickled ones!]

5.  Once the beets have reached the color you like, remove them from the beet juice and discard the liquid.  Pat the eggs dry and slice each in half from top to bottom.

6.  Gently remove the yolk from each half and transfer into a small mixing bowl.

7.  Arrange the white halves in a single layer on a serving platter, cut side up.

8.  Break the yolks up with a fork until they are crumbled.  Add the mayonnaise, mustard, old bay and cider vinegar.  Mix together using an electric hand mixer or a fork until well combined.  Season to taste with black pepper.

9.  Using a small spoon, fill the indentation in each egg white (from where the yolk was) with a dollop of the yolk mixture.

10. Lightly sprinkle the eggs with a small amount of smoked paprika.  Serve immediately or cover loosely and refrigerate for up to 2 days.

Deviled eggs are a favorite of mine; my Momma used to make them around Easter time so they are always associated with spring and warming weather for me.  (In retrospect, I’m pretty sure she did this just to get rid of the ridiculous number of hardboiled eggs I insisted on dying as a kid so that the Easter Bunny would have lots to choose from when he came to hide them.) 
If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can scoop the filling mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a frosting tip and pipe the filling into the eggs, making pretty little stars.  If that sounds like a lot of work, I promise they taste just as good when you fill them with a spoon!

Easter Deviled Eggs

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What You Need

12 Large eggs (preferably a few days to a week old)

1 c. Beet juice (not from pickled beets)

1/2 c. Mayonnaise

1/4 c. Mustard (your favorite variety)

1/2 tbsp. Old Bay seasoning

1 tbsp. Cider vinegar

Freshly ground black pepper

Smoked paprika

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  Makes:  24 pieces

  Prep. Time:  30 minutes (plus up to 24 hr for dying)

  Cook Time: ​ 15 minutes

  Difficulty: ​ Easy