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At some point, I hope that I can provide a forum on each recipe page to allow you to provide recipe comments.  But since website building isn't my forte, I haven't figure out how to do this yet.  However, I am excited to hear about your thoughts and look forward for your questions.

I love to hear different ideas for food, from minor alterations to major overhauls. Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts on where you'd like to see this site go and we will do our best to incorporate those suggestions as we move forward.

About the Website

Websites are not my strong suit.  In fact, this is my first attempt at a website.  Ever. There are a number of things that I'd love to do with it.  However, while I figure those things out, I'd like to hear your input and feedback.  Among the many improvements I would like to make going forward,  my goal is to add a discussion forum on each recipe page so readers can comment and discuss recipes.  Beyond that, I would like to develop a 'Resources' page that has highlights commonly asked questions, conversions, and substitutes.  So please, send me thoughts on the recipes and ask questions so that I know what you are interested in! 

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