Serves:  4

  Prep. Time:  20 minutes

  Cook Time: ​ 1 minute

  Difficulty: ​ Easy

Pesto Zucchini

What You Do

1.  Trim ends from zucchini and shred into thin strips (similar to pasta strands) with a box grater, food processor, or vegetable peeler.  This works best if you shred lengthwise down the squash.

2.  Place the shredded zucchini in a microwave safe dish, cover with a damp towel and microwave for about 45 seconds on high.

3.  Warm pesto to room temperature and stir.  Toss gently with the zucchini. 

4.  When pesto has been evenly distributed, toss with tomatoes and pine nuts, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve warm.

I’m a pasta fiend, but in the summer I’m not typically excited about heating up the kitchen with a big pot of boiling water at the end of a 95-degree day.  Recently I’ve discovered that shredded zucchini is a great substitute for spaghetti.  Tossed with some pesto, cheese and cherry tomatoes, it’s the perfect summer “pasta” without the heat.

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What You Need

4 Medium zucchini squash

1 c. Pesto

15-20 Cherry or grape tomatoes; halved

6 oz. Fresh mozzarella

1/4 c. Pine nuts



Parmesan cheese; shaved or shredded