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What You Do

1. Trim the stem from each fig and cut it lengthwise, being careful not to squash the fruit.

2. Place a small dab of cheese on the cut side of one half.

3. Loosely wrap the fig and cheese in about half a piece of prosciutto - try to go around the fig about 1 1/2 times, but don't squeeze all the cheese out.

4. Place the fig, cheese side up, on a baking sheet.

5. Repeat with remaining figs, cheese & proscuitto.

6. Set your broiler to low and place the rack 6 inches from the heat.

7. Broil figs for 3 to 5 minutes, until proscuitto begins to crisp and brown - watch closely or they will burn!

8.  Remove from heat and transfer to a platter, serve immediately.

What You Need

12 Ripe, fresh figs; any variety 

6 tbsp. Chèvre cheese (soft goat cheese)

12 Slices of proscuitto


  Makes: 24 bites 

  Prep. Time: 15 minutes

  Cook Time: ​0 minutes

  Difficulty:  Easy

Fresh figs are one of those rich, delicious things that only appear for a short while each year - like asparagus and many berries, fig season is just a short few weeks.  They are a favorite of mine because they are tasty and because I find them incredibly interesting.  There is a wide range of edible figs, which vary a great deal in size, color and flavor.  Even more amazing - most species of fig (both edible and inedible) have co-evolved with their very own unique species of insect pollinators.  When you consider the fact that there are about 850 different species in the fig family, that's a pretty spectacular achievement!

Fig & Goat Cheese Bites